Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Protest: Quotes on a Tree and Memes

Back in July 2012 I did a blog post about the BIG protest in town when it was declared every tree on the main street would be chopped down as part of the streetscape plan.  Many in town protested the sudden draconian approach to this plan, including my jafagirl pal and we put up tree quotes, one or two are still up I believe.  The council finally voted against the streetscape plan.

A Cautionary Tale about Memes

Cruel use of family pic of Down Syndrome son, family sues

Creating meme's on copyright images and one photographers story

How a personal photograph was turned into a meme and the belief it was real 

Bloggers story of being sued by a photographer for using his image on her blog.

Buzzfeed sued by photographer  

I bring up memes because there are quite a few sites that promote people uploading images to create their own memes and use for seo marketing. Just wanted to share that even your  family/pet photos can be exploited and used for profit. My photo above has also been used (not talking about those sharing the image in it's original state and intended context with a link), by a quote site that has a LOT of ads, which is why I have no interest in providing a name or a link to it. 

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