Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drawing and Yarnbombing

And it's time for this spuggy to get on with her day, life drawing, and no doubt I will pick the most awkward angles to draw.
Okay this isn't awkward, but hands are a challenge for me and the other hand was really hard to made sense of visually.
Box-ism by corrine

 Then yarnbombing for Yellow Springs Pride

Have a GREAT day everyone!


Shez said...

I think your work shows that you know how to draw well. I've always thought you were with it. It's difficult in the short time frame...I fund it frustrating too. But these drawings are good, proportions are there, forshortening is well stop the are too hard on yourself!!! :) Now go get em. Shar

JafaBrit's Art said...

Some days drawing just flows,other times it is a struggle. I shall quit the whine and instead get a glass of wine.