Sunday, June 02, 2013

Copyright: What is it with Family Holiday Net

Do they just troll craftersartists websites/pinterest/flickr and grab images?
Not only have I found several of my photographs of jafagirl projects, the file names are changed? When did TOP hat file name change from being felt craft top hat by nancy mellon to this
THis is a hat Nancy Mellon made and I photographed for her and was posted on Village Artisans Gallery.
When I asked them about my other photographs they said, "oops, sorry for the confusion".
Don't see how it's confusing, seems like lawyer trained speak to me ;)

Not just MY images though, I saw this one and traced it to this blog and MANY MORE.

Here is his Pinterest Page
here is one he listed
but I see it belongs to mmmcrafts

Tut Tut 

Another example of a copyright photo getting lost in the anonymity of the internet and HERE
This blogger says she can't remember where she got the image maybe pinterest, but click on the image elements and it says, yes, you guessed felt craft top hat by nancy mellon.
No file name on this site, but it's available for downloading sale price 0.

This person is using it for her SHOP

what is interesting is that many sites that have ripped off this image have copyright notices on THEIR sites.
 for example this party service company
They contacted me after coming across this blog entry on a google search, immediately removed the image and apologized.
thank you. 

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