Monday, June 10, 2013

Award Winning Artist discovers her painting used on pillows at TJ Maxxx

In April 2013 Kay visited TJMaxx and I asked her about it.
 "I discovered this unauthorized copyright infringement in April 2013 by seeing a pillow in TJMaxx/Home Goods store in Midland, TX. 
 I photographed its identifiers (face of pillow, tags front and back).  After notifying their customer service, TJX notified their designers of importer Devi Designs theft of my work.  I was told by TJX that all pillows with my floral art would be pulled from retail immediately, and they apologized.  Product was made in India and filled/finished in USA. Communication with Devi Designs has remained unanswered.  My zinnias floral has been online and copyrighted since 2007"

I asked Kay how she felt seeing her work used on pillows in a store.

"I'd just had a mammogram that day, so was feeling tired, and was wanting to check out the new TJX store.  I was stunned and speechless upon seeing the pillow.  I picked it up and looked it over carefully, saying to myself "this can't be my work...can it???" It could, and it was! The top and bottom few inches of my floral had been cropped so that my signature with the circle C for universal copyright designation was cut off and gone.  I examined a few other floral pillows there in a similar style to mine, but they were not my work; their identifying artists' signatures were also omitted.
I did seek legal advice from my lawyer niece in Phoenix, who advised getting an intellectual property attorney.  I have contacted a firm in Houston, TX, and am awaiting their reply if this is worth pursuing or not."

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Sadly it happens with companies like 
who are blatantly ripped off artists work
 I have heard the same convenient excuse, a vendor did it, oops sorry we removed it.

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and that is just the TIP of the iceberg

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So, no I am not the only one facing this onslaught of outright copyright infringement and copyright theft :(
Here is my Wall of Shame

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