Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Copyright Infringement: Nunu Assumes My Painting is Public Domain

UPDATE: 5/23/2013
Thank You Nunu for your courteous response and quick action. 

If you are new site owner you could save yourself a headache in the future by getting permission from copyright owners and THEN making sure images are reduced to thumbnails, crediting the artist, linking to their website and NOT putting your logo onto their images.
By having my image  up on your site you made it possible for others to assume it was free to download and use as they wished. Due to not being credited you also stripped away professional opportunities.

They state on their website:
"All the pictures on this Website are assumed to be taken from public domain. " 
On what basis are you assuming that Nunu India
red heart painting copyrighted
It has my watermark signature on it in blue 
in the corner above their logo
and the signature ON the painting itself is covered over with their logo. 
which I featured on my blog entry 2008
and sold at IN A FRAME Gallery in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

"While work published on the Internet may be publicly accessible, it is certainly not in the public domain" from UK Copyright Service:Top Ten Copyright Myths 


Debrina said...

Arrrggghhh! Bastards the lot of them! I rallied some of my fellow face bookers to help you out with the forum company but their slick marketing machine suppressed us pretty quick, but hopefully not quick enough for people to see. I'll do the same again, here. This really sux, Corrine.

Nunu said...

Dear, we have removed your image from Nunu.in , it was fun site created when we were in school, no one now maintains it.. hence it too so long to remove it.

Claire Reynolds said...

You need a lawyer ~ you're at that status now :)