Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mindfulness: No need to stare at a raisin for five minutes.

Image taken from visit to Old San Juan Cemetery Puerto Rico 2011
Mindfulness, allows us to be in tough with world, the universe, and the present moment.

“People have the sense that mindfulness is something they can do by focusing on a raisin for five minutes,” said Michael Baime New York Times

It is said by some that one must meditate to learn mindfulness. I don't think I necessarily agree with that, we  sometimes  slip into those momements when staring at the sea or the flames of a fire. For me it also comes with photography, being in the moment,paying attention to things oft neglected as we flit here and there. When we go on holiday we try to soak things in, but generally people go to all the typical tourist sites, the shops.  The Santa Maria Magdalena de Passiz Cemetery is by the seashore, next to Castillo de San Cristobal and it is an extremely peaceful and beautiful place, not something one normally associates with graveyards. The added bonus of taking photographs is that I revisit that moment in a new way and still get those sensations I had when I took the photograph. 

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