Monday, April 29, 2013

From the Streets to the Cloud

This is the title of the exhibit by Chaz Bojorquez at the National Museum of Mexican Art(You can read the Chicago Mag review here and this one the darker side to his art).It was a real bonus and a treat because I had no idea about it before going. Chaz is recognized as a Pioneer in the Street art movement "by his iconic skeletal stencil of Senor Suerte created in 1969".
He studied with a Master Calligrapher, as well as studying  painting ceramics and sculpture. 
The complexity of his paintings were really stunning, and the range of work.
You can see more of his work on his fb page.
 It was an inspiring exhibit for so many reasons, the quality of the work for starters, the expression of an identity and culture, and the journey itself.
I am sorry (for those that don't get it) but I had to leave a gift. My own unique little humble marker in honor of the artist that says I was here, I loved it, thank you.  

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