Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Third Day of the Week

and I have
20 minute pose

been on the go all day, so no time in the studio. I did start the day off with life drawing at someone else's studio though.  I was there for 2½  hours, but it usually takes me nearly 2 hours to warm up and generally my last effort is the best. I would have liked to have developed the head, and the hand more, but only so much can be done in a 20 minute pose.
 I buzzed over to another studio
Yellow Springs Arts Council

Nancy and I made a Free Art Friday presentation board (with two of my BOX-isms) for the exhibit and hung it this afternoon. We will be giving a talk about free art friday for the March Experience Weekend.

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Jean said...

THis is a great , great post--what a wonderful day from start to finish!!! xoxox jean