Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Experiments in the Studio

"When the Nightbird Sings"
I love that interplay with paint and computer and seeing how I can take a painting and stretch it. I have hated this bloody painting (yes I think I have mentioned this a few posts ago) for years. So I was inspired to rush down to the studio last week for several hours and paint over parts of it, adding a  bird  one day, then a mouse, and hair with drips plus a few touch ups.  Took a pic, and then played with it on adobe and added an overlay pattern and came up with this. I think the head needs to be moved to the right slightly but  I think I am ready to do a new painting using this manipulated version of my old painting and I think I LIKE it ♥ 
I thought I would try and do a HORRIBLE painting, in that I would not plan it, would slosh on the paint, not worry how it turned out AND had to be done in 5 mins.
It's on a piece of plastic sheet, and done in acrylic. The purpose of the exercise was to just move paint about on a surface.

 I remember reading about Georgia O'Keefe as a student and every morning her teacher would set up a still life and ask the students to scrape the canvas from the previous day's still life and start over. It would drive some of the other students bonkers, but it was a way of teaching them NOT to think about the end product, but learn how to paint. 
So often we get hung up on the end product and forget the joy of pushing paint around and seeing what happens. 

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