Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stencil Magic

Mine are rather simple but I'm inspired to develop them further.

So many amazing stencil artists out there. I once heard someone state they didn't think stencils were real  art because anyone can do them. I wish that were true. Sure if you copy an image and don't design it yourself, but even then the complexity or size, subject/context and location are not so easy as others imagine. 

I am really digging Dolk (Norway Artist) but this one made me laugh, it's the brit in me.
Inspirefirst shares a little about who Dolk is.  A google image search really  shows his range, drool. I do that a lot don't I, drool I mean, LOL! 
Found this wonderful instrucional video by Gary Reef on creating a 3 or 4 layer stencil.

Has a really cool website too

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tammy said...

awesome...thanks for the link!