Thursday, January 10, 2013

Knees and Lines

20 minute pose
Not sure why but I seemed to get stuck on knees yesterday at life drawing, and picking the most awkward angles too. Awkward angles were on purpose as I wanted the challenge that comes with stepping OUT of my comfort zone.
Being uncomfortable changes the dynamics of the drawing session. Since I already presume I won't leave with a finished drawing, let alone a masterpiece, I focus more intently on the angles and nuances of line. 
I am loving delicate lines, and seem to very drawn to Japanese art lately.
Perhaps that is why I am also drawn (excuse the pun) to ROA's work, just LOVE the fluid lines.

Anyway BACK to knees
and the delicate contours and shading on this one done by Pierre Paul Prud'hon is inspiring.
Well back to the drawing board, practice, pratice and pratice eh!
See you later. 


Sandra Heading said...

When I draw , it's always with a focus in my mind to lean too's something my great teacher taught me .... Nice works here

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks for dropping by Sandra, and your teacher was wise, it's a good thing to remember.