Thursday, January 17, 2013

I got a BOT

and I am not talking about the one on my rear end. No! I am talking about this kind of BOT.
The kind that came in the mail with a cute drawing on the envelope. I won it and I LOVE it. I LOVE the whole concept, the packaging included. I love the instruction leaflet that came in the box.

and I LOVE my BOT, thank you Gary.
Mine is sitting next to my studio dog Fineas Fallis and my troll doll. Hopefully Bot will see me studiously working (instead of faffing about all over the place) and will tell me how brilliant I am.

Talking about BOTS
20 min study in graphite
Last week I was stuck on knees, this week it was the back of the model. I really enjoyed life drawing this week AND  managed miraculously to stay away from smudging and blending (my comfort zone). I had a teacher once tell me off for doing it because she said it created a wonderful illusion and while impressive  distracted me from learning how to get proportions and sense of volume/structure with an economy of line. It doesn't look like much but to me it shows progress. 

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sewphie said...

I love everything about the photo of the bot with your dog and troll ... just perfect