The MUSE has spoken and Henna Night Preparation

I have my ducks in a row 
it's not even New Year's Eve & the requisite make a list of resolutions time
somehow after a year of plodding things have come together.
It will be busy
After THE WEDDING I can get cracking
in the meantime I started doing another version of my potty mouth piece.

I got a FAB parcel from my sister in law in Turkey for the Wedding Henna Night.
 Here is a sneak peak of one Henna Night I found on YouTube

Oh, SO excited


Anonymous said…
This was interesting...I knew nothing about Turkish weddings.

Are the happy couple having a traditional wedding? I tried Google imaging a 'pacalik' and only got pics of mudflaps!!!! (?)

Have a great time at your Henna Night and best wishes to the happy couple.


JafaBrit's Art said…
The wedding will not be traditional, but rather a joyous mix of American, British and Turkish traditions.
Pacalik is the actual dress worn on the wedding day.

thanks T.