Wednesday, November 28, 2012

C is for Circumbilivagination

design © corrine bayraktaroglu
ooooh, that sounds rather naughty doesn't it? It's NOT. It means going around in a circular motion as in: She saw lots of graffiti in her cicumbilivagination of the USA. Hard not to think it saucy though when one looks up the current definition of vagination but me thinks it didn't have the same meaning back in the 1600's, do you ;) Source Info: Phrontistery

The C embroidery is part of something naughty though, as discussed here. I always find it interesting how many will dismiss the power of words with the idiom sticks and stones but oh my, you say a word they don't like or find offensive they go into spasms of umbrage and get their knickers in a right old twist.  
 Had to share ♥

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