Thursday, October 25, 2012

Artful Dodger

 Organizing a wedding in 2 months has proved to be consuming and become a bit of an artful dodger, stealing all my time. I also seem to be prone to wedding humour.

there are windows of time where the  ART muse pokes her head around the corner and screams delights at me. 
So along with the joys of planning a wedding with my darling girl,  I am in the studio working. I finished the trashy bird for the exhibit, and am working on my costume now.
The bird is called Trashy Bird, and this is my Trashy Duster. Funny, must be some freudian connection between the video and me posting image of a trashy bird LOL!
Anyway Trashy bird is made of cut up plastic grocery bags, and the legs from an old doll I had lying around the workshop. I love the shadow on the wall. Hum! seem to have a THING for shadows. 
Oh well, time to buzz.
cheers all
signing off
(mother of the bride)

1 comment:

treena said...

Two months IS quick (actually, we pulled the same stunt:-) but YOU would be the ladies that could pull it off.

Hope you'll share pics (hint, hint) cuz I know it'll be AWESOME.

Oh, and I thought that movie was a HOOT!

Hang in there, gals!