Friday, August 03, 2012

senile delinquents we presume

Inevitably you always get this one person who is a hater or a wet blanket and like a coward sneaks about cutting down people's art (whether you think it's art or not is beside the point). It is happening in our village with the ys pride craft and yarnbombs and it happens elsewhere. A comment in this article Council says sorry after workman removes Paignton yarnbombs had me in stitches; ""We don't know who is doing it but judging by the knitting, I think it might by older women."
I guess they haven't kept up with the times ;)
Oh, those senile delinquents with their yarn.

Meanwhile the City of Ottawa declared FrivolKnitty's work "unsightly".


Anonymous said...

sad... sad (but thanks for the MP smile!)

Petrena said...

LOVE Monty Python!

Speaking of TurdBirds taking down other people's stuff; did you listen to Studio 360 today?
(clink on the 'this week's show' link to see/listen)