Monday, July 16, 2012

What Represents YOU!

 Really like the idea of a biographical artifact box, and breaking it down into decades. 

I do feel an unease with the promotion of an product using an artist, but it does beg the question does a product represent you? How would you incorporate that into a display case about YOUR life?

The word context keeps creeping into my thoughts, and what is my art saying, and then I read Andy Warhol's quote and remind myself to NOT worry too much.
Meanwhile on a Sunday afternoon on the porch, I painted a stone for the garden. Yes! for a change I did something for my OWN garden.
How does this represent me?
I would say a love of colour, the shape of stones, and a love of doodling on smooth surfaces with my new paint pens. 
Maybe you can see something more!
As for a product, that is simple MARMITE!

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