Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Saucy Craftbombing ,eeeeeeeeeeek where's me smelling salts

well this would really put some into the vapors around here lol! Felt Vagina's is the new Yarnbombing.  
Just looks like a bit craftbombing with craft felt, but you know the actual statue is rather saucy already ahem!
Where's Millie Tant when you need her eh!

Meanwhile the jafagirls yarnbombing is rather tame, and modest, and meant to compliment the beautiful beads Susan hung in the tree. Two young men visiting town walked by and wanted to shake our hands and thanked us for all the fun artwork around town. I guess we are doing something right eh!
Note:no it doesn't hurt the trees, it dries when it gets wet, it doesn't smell, bugs don't nest in it,  and it doesn't cost the tax payer a penny for removal. 

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Anonymous said...

Meant to share this a few days back (it's really more like 'free art.')

The blog line says 'one of ten book sculpture left around Edinburgh by an anonymous artist "In support of libraries, books, words, ideas." the beads!