Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Studio Shots: Textile Works in Progress

As usual I wanted to see if I could do a hand embroidery version of the stencil I did for free art friday.I tea stained linen, spray painted a stencil background and the girl(my daughter) is long and short stitch.
Working on a flower
for an upcoming exhibit Women's Voices Out Loud in Yellow Springs, Ohio
I was inspired by a link about The Project a local pal sent me.

Also working on another yarnbombing project, small but a specific theme that will make some smile with delight and others shiver in horror.  More about that another day.
Well better buzz


dinahmow said...

Very Georgia O'Keefe! (Not the girl, silly!)

Linda said...

I agree...I immediately thought of O'Keefe too...Really nice piece!! :)

Linda said...

and I love the Yarnbombing!!! :) Great blogs!!!