Friday, February 17, 2012

Nesting Instinct

As in staying home and snuggling (not cleaning and organizing ahem) in AND creating a nest.
Rag Watercolour Paper, Stencil/spray paint, ink drawing, feather, stitched down loose threads for nest, french knots on flower.

So I finally got around to doing some of my online class work (with Victoria at Freedom of Stitch). 

Sparking Controversy or is it a conversation, General Franco in a Fridge has Spain all atwitter. Political painting about Obama stirring up emotions across America (really?, I didn't even know about it and now that I do, I still can't get emotional, ahem!)
Utah Senate kills controversial graffiti bill and rightly so. "Leeds City Art Gallery is at the centre of a row over the title of a work in one of its latest exhibitions (remind me not to send my f%u&k embroidery piece there ;)which has offended some visitors

AND did you know about the short lived Stupid Art Movement. I didn't even know such a movement existed, although there is a lot of stupid art around ;)


cauchy09 said...

hmm, what a great round-up of goings-on in the art world. i agree that that is definitely an unemotional piece on Obama. i feel kinda sad for the painter.

Linda said...

LOL ...I love your blog...and your observations....and I agree there is some really stupid art out there...:)