Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Little Things Please Little Minds is meant

to be a put down, to imply one indulges in trivial childish things
Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills for children, and health benefits for adults
Okay, so I'm suddenly smitten with drips and blobs on watercolour paper and it doesn't look like much.
 It's a little thing really that pleases me so, BUT it's firing my imagination (and my dreams). Next to it is a tea stained linen I spray painted.
I'm taking an online class with one of my favourite embroidery blog pals, Victoria at Freedom of Stitch.  Our first assignment was to start collecting materials and staining the pages of our sketchbook.  Mine is a rag watercolour sketchbook that I wouldn't normally buy (this is one of Victoria's fave sketchbooks and she recommended this along with others). So already this class has opened a door to a new way of playing and being enamored of the simple things in life, such as a drip and a blob on paper. 

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