Monday, February 06, 2012

Flexing Your Drawing Skills

 It's good now and again to get out of your comfort zone, your safe place at home where nobody is watching you, and take a little workshop. I went to listen to a talk by artist in residence Patricia Cole at Antioch College a couple of weeks ago and signed up for her charcoal drawing workshop.
18"x 24" drawing paper, charcoal and conte crayon

We had to bring an item to draw that meant something to us. I brought a Zenith (Zenit-E) Camera that my husband and I had swapped a couch for back in the UK. It was the camera that first recorded our new lives in America.  We started with two loosening up exercises and then she wanted us to cover the paper in charcoal and start with a reductive drawing (an example below)

8 Ways to Improve your Drawing Skills
Drawing Exercises to Improve Drawing Skills
When looking for the highlights to erase it helps to squint at the object.


sewphie said...

Your camera drawing looks great. I plan to try and go to evening class in something creative once my son is a little older as I miss my art school days!

Because I love your blog I have given you a Leibster award, see my blog to find out more. (It's a fun way of sharing and championing our favourite blogs)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Ah, thanks sewphie :)

dinahmow said...

Nice camera.alimmenc
And that reductive technique? That's how I sometimes do mono prints. Yes, I get in a helluva mess!