Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lethargy and Tea

seems inescapable as I fight off the seasons ills. Getting sinusitis and bronchitis makes a mockery of my flu shot, I still got sick. Worst of all I lack any creative energy grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
So I rest.
Jafapal Nancy dropped by with her homemade chicken soup (yum) which has helped. I did find this wonderful recipe for another one here that I think I will try later this week. 
Monkeys got their tea :)



Here is something to watch while you are getting over the flu. Really I am sorry you are sick. I love to read your blog and hope you get feeling better.

I am not a doctor and am not giving you medical advise but I found this video informative.
Love your monkey tea.

Anonymous said...

Chicken soup rocks.

So do dem monkeys.

Get well soon!

deb said...

feel better - I think I need some tea now too!

Carolinaaramburo said...

Reminds the day when am was at hospital....