Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hanging Shows and Free Art Friday

Trying to hang work by so many different artists and media is such a challenge. I was helping jafapal Nancy install the Yellow Springs Arts Council Permanent Collection on Friday at the John Bryan Gallery and it took us 5 hours, and we are still not finished. Have to go back today and hang 8 more pieces. I hate hanging from ceiling hooks, arg!
The black gothic shaped painting with the face is the one I donated a few years ago, called "saints of misinformation".

Label for Free Art Friday
I finally got around to designing another label for the Jafagirls Free Art Friday.
and left this little acrylic painted leaf in town, as well as a less formal piece.
 varnished acrylic and collage on board


deb said...

I feel your art hanging pain, for the show I just curated I decided to beg for help with the hanging!! And I super-love Free Art Fridays, may have to steal that idea!!

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