Sunday, January 01, 2012

Compelled to Leave a Mark

 In a dark dungeon at Castillo de San Cristobal Puerto Rico  someone found a way to leave their mark, their story, and here I was hundreds of years later standing witness.
"The room is labeled a dungeon but it's really a "room branching off a tunnel" from the main plaza of the fort. The legend has it that the ships drawn on the wall were done by "mutineers who seized control of the cannon of the fort in 1855 and held San Juan for ransom." 
It was fascinating to look at the drawings and writings.I wondered if they ever thought their images would last so long, what they used to draw them, how long it took,what they thought.
Meanwhile in Old San Juan I left my marks,but ephemeral one's.
A local woman walked by and asked me if it was real and couldn't stop laughing when I touched it and she realized on closer inspection it was FAKE. I know, totally goofy, but it inspired a fun moment in Old San Juan besides the usual touristy stuff.

Back in the Studio Jafabrit
In between fighting off sinusitis and bronchitis (and being relived that my second mammogram gave me the all clear), I'm working on a small project. More about that later. 
Oh, this gave me a good chuckle.
Somehow my yarnbomb image ended up being included in a book called blogging for dummies lol! A friend (thanks susan) tipped me off when she came across it the other day.


dinahmow said...

Hey! Is that Twiggy in the bottom image?

JafaBrit's Art said...

:) yes i made a stencil and spray painted it
on the yarn and it was the tree for almost two years.

Casey Klahn said...

Blogging for the Fantastic is the book you belong in. Dummies indeed.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Lol Casey.