Friday, December 30, 2011

sick as a soggy chip BUT

I've managed to finish a little embroidery piece that was easy to pick up and put down. I started it before going to Puerto Rico. I sewed on the plane, in the airport, by the hotel lake, and finally over the holidays.
I will print out pics and add to my travel journal. It's based on my sketchbook doodle of a hand of fatima I designed and then elaborated on.  
 How to Keep a Travel Journal
Mine isn't really very fancy or meant to be of interest to others, but I find it very useful when it's time to name photographs/places, or remember what I might need or don't need if I ever go back to the same place.  I don't carry it around, but rather do what they suggest in the link above. I write notes on bits of paper, grab brochures or biz cards, and in those quiet moments in a hotel room update the journal. Flipping through the journal is also a fun reminder of the trip.
So I have two reminders, my book and my embroidery which brings up nice memories of quiet moments by the pond with the birds.

grumpy green heron

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deb said...

fell better! and as always I LOVE the work!!