Saturday, December 03, 2011

B is for Breakfast, Bullies and Birds Nest Drinks

 Every now and again we like to have soft boiled eggs for breakfast; so my egg cups are not just for show. Can't have egg cups without egg cozy's though, so I designed and hand embroidered one for myself.
 Muslin, hand embroidery
A High School Student gets Threats from the Burzynski Clinic

Dealing with bullies
Legal Guide for Bloggers (US based)
Institute of Bully Free Living 
in families
How to Stop Emotional Vampires from Sucking the Life Out of You
Whose the Emotional Vampire in Your Life
at work
at school
Cyber bullying

Bird's Nest Drink
A wee gift from my son's girlfriend. Yes I drank bird spit, supposed to be good for you. I didn't really know about it actually being based on bird saliva at the time, but then I am a spuggy, so I guess it's fitting, tweeeeeeet!
 Bit of News
Oh deary me 
 Marmite Lorry Spill Causes Jam on  M1
Some of the comments to the article are hilarious, puns galore. Glad to say the driver was okay.
If you are a marmite fan, check out Marmite Maggie's book, Mish Mash Dictionary of Marmite. Full of marmite facts and it's true marmite gets spread all over the place (besides on motorways;) even in Outer Space (story on page 130)
ps. there is a marmite facebook page
oh how cool! they also have a marmite recipe index


dinahmow said...

Marmite jam??? LOL

Anonymous said...

Really good post, CB with lots of good info. Thanks.

This is a good link, too (might be kinda old but still relavent...)