Tuesday, November 08, 2011

That Elusive Image and FAB fabric markers

 I was planning on starting a project yesterday BUT then I got a bee in my bonnet because I couldn't find  my photograph that is the inspiration for it. I became like an obsessed demon and for three hours searched my photo files, and the house. Five minutes before I leave the house to go to a meeting I suddenly realize where it might be. 
Suffice it to say, I got no serious work done.
What time I did have in the evening was spent goofing around in my sketchbook 

started working on embellishing the cloth guestbook pages.
At our(jafagirls)opening reception we asked guests to sign, doodle or embellish pieces of muslin I had cut up and printed some images on. I love how Ben Hemmendinger added his accordion to the print of my egg head.
Thanks to fellow brit Kai who tipped us off about these wonderful fabric sharpie pens called stained. The colours are intense, don't bleed and are wonderful to write with. Finding them is another story, they seem quite elusive. Haven't seen them in the craft stores, or fabric stores.  

Oh well, OFF to the gallery to take down the exhibit sigh! It was FUN while it lasted.

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