Subversive Stitch: I didn't think I would do it

but I did.
If you are easily offended then I suggest you do NOT scroll past this picture.


I have not been a big fan of using rude language or imagery in my work (although yes I did do that ONE embroidery but), but I  was invited to participate in a project involving said word. I enjoyed the challenge of seeing if I could visually create a piece that added my own style with a very commonly used word.

so here it is, the f and c being my OWN design, U is by Giacomo Franco's from his Anthropomorphic Alphabet circa 1600's, and K from this book 
and just for fun


dinahmow said…
Looks like Rufus is covering his ears so he wont hear it! lol
JafaBrit's Art said…
LOL! yes, he is rather sensitive ;)
Jennibellie said…
I love this artwork, you have such a cool style. Great work thanks for sharing :) x
JafaBrit's Art said…
Thanks Jennibellie :)
Undaunted said…
The eyes and the bird are very you!
Petrena said…
THAT is just the sweetest little face!

Effing awesome! Love the lettering !
dryadart said…
LOVE!!! I had a friend who did her whole MA thesis show on words such as this.

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