Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Crafty Pals and Why Inspiration Matters

One of my FAVE long time bloggy pals, Margot Potter, has a new website called Craft.You. It's all about making lemons into really tasty strawberry fizzy lemonade and she sure knows how to do that with a zing and a flair.  She has free advice, classes, tips, and interviews, plus she is a FUN read. It's not just about making crafts though, it's also about life crafting.

Why Inspiration Matters - "recent research shows inspiration can be activated, captured, manipulated and it has a major effect on important life outcomes".

When I draw I can get so lost in it, or go into the zone as some call it.

sketchbook study of metal ornament

Oh yea! I LIKE this.
 I think it will make you smile.


Margot Potter said...

Thank you! You just made my day and you know you inspire me endlessly!


Casey Klahn said...

I just saw some yarn bombing in Oakland - and you know that makes it big, since I don't get out much!