Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cloud Watching and Jafa's have a new meaning

I love long drives, and cloud watching is one of the things I like to do.  I saw this jet shaped cloud on the way to Penn State and had to take a pic (of course). I go nowhere without my camera. As with a lot of things I post about I thought I would do google search on clouds found this: The Cloud Appreciation Society

Oh yea! erm about the jafa's, well it's official, Nancy and I have been declared craft activists and  now jafa also stands for just another f*&^%$ activist, ahem!. Now that is cleared up, we will be presenting a salon talk at the Yellow Springs Arts Council about Craft Activism AND our crafting a mini protest kits. More info on our website.
Meanwhile, the jafagirls continue to support the OWS non-violent ways of protesting and in our own unique way. We sent a knitted protest poo! 

Not directed AT a person, unless you count corporations as people, err wink! wink!

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dinahmow said...

JAFactivist. Snort!