Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Street Stickers: Bunny at the Tyne

At the Tyne Bridge (Gateshead side) near The Sage (or known by locals as "the slug") and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (used to be a working flour mill when I was a kid).  It can be seen in a small part of the film "Get Carter" with Michael Caine. It was filmed when I was still living there, and a cousin of mine played an extra in the Oxford dance hall scene.

and here is a well known song about the Tyne


Anonymous said...

haven't managed to stop by and comment in a while. Hope you are enjoying your trip home, I know I am excited to go back next summer. Your posts are bringing back memories for me of my grad school days! Thanks as always for an interesting read and so much inspiration.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay drayadart, no worry, I can see you are busy your end too :) lovely for you to drop by (loving your installation by the way-beautiful).

I was wonderful to see home :)