Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R u Disappointed

Did you see me listed as an embroidery blog, guerrilla artist, or a yarnbombing blog?  If so, you may be disappointed to see this is not a blog devoted to one medium.  So here are my  links for my Embroidery, Yarnbombing, and street art.

I weave between a variety of mediums/genre's to suit a variety of needs. Some you may enjoy, some you may hate,and some you may be indifferent to. Either way, welcome, explore, and hopefully you are inspired/or pick up a few tips. I do have a search box if you wish to explore a specific subject.

Today I am feeling the need to glory in the beautiful Ohio Sky 

and wait for my jafapal Nancy to come over for our weekly artmaking/plotting.


Shez said...

Hi there, thought I'd surprise you and leave a thought. I left one in your last post, but it seems to be missing. Looks like you are busy and happy....that's what its all about. Wish you were closer we could perhaps play.... hugs Shar....

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh how strange shez i checked and couldn't find any comments from you :( but nice to get this one wave ! Hope all is well your end.