Friday, July 08, 2011

Caught in a Trap

or is it?
I've been so involved with embroidery that I've neglected drawing/painting & it's starting to gnaw at my bones.
So what a delight to see Aminah Robinson's exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art and be reminded of how they can be integrated.
Drawing on Paper with fabric, buttons, beads and sewing.

I wasn't expecting to see Aminah's exhibit, but had gone at the invitation of The Cincinnati Art Snob to check out another exhibit. I've always enjoyed Kathy's keen observations on her blog so it was GREAT to meet her IRL.
I tend to put my all into ONE project at a time, and while I don't plan to start another one, I think playing a bit is in order.

Progress Report

Hum, I love the unstitched parts and wish I hadn't filled all the coils in. Will have to try this on something else.


Debrina said...

Hello sweety. Get on F/bk and search for the Daily Drawing Community. It's done wonders for getting me back into drawing and painting. See my last two blog postings about this very topic. We seem to be on the same wavelength! Cue twilight zone music....

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks Debrina, I went there and liked it, so perhaps next week I will get into it :)

Petrena said...

Isn't Aminah a hoot?

I just enjoy her work so much...especially her RagOnandOns (something like that) and I loved how her house-as-studio is just full of her stuff. Very assertively 'woman as artist and I've got my own vision.' And space.

She's one of my inspirations...very much 'this is what I do...get over it.' And yet very sweet and positive. :-)

These are kinda neat videos of her, if they aren't up at the exhibition.

Thanks for the 'heads up.'