Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yellow Springs is a finalist

for the most fun town in the Rand McNally/USA Today Best of the Road Competion. That's stiff competition considering that many of the places in the running have  HUGE populations compared to our village of 3,500. Just check the Fling in the Springs link or see the pics on the best of the road for Yellow Springs and you will see why.
We also have a fab Public Art Map now.
Yellow Tree for Yellow Springs IYD
Artmaking seems to be taking a backseat as I get ready for Free Art Friday for Fling in the Springs this week (will be doing the gum wall at the Art Park) as well as dashing into IN A FRAME for the Miniature Show Reception (I submitted the cat embroidery)
Dayton City Paper did a nice article called Sending Art Strolling and described Nancy and I as the "outrageous and incredibly creative duo, the Jafa Girls", LOL!
Hey, If the shoe fits, yes? 

I was REJECTED from another Embroidery Show, but I don't seem to have time to fret about it. I am of course disappointed but my work didn't fit, and that's the way it goes. No hard feelings. 


Our Rufus gets his free treat at the Corner Cone in town Sunday. Yes, even doggies have fun in this town (except at Street Fair- doggies not allowed).

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Petrena said...

That Rufus is a cutie-patootie for sure!

What about the kitties? Do kitties get free ice cream too?

Only seems fair.....