Friday, June 24, 2011

Gum Wall News and Yarny LOVE

I couldn't blow a bubble for laughing when Diane took the Pic at the "chew in" for the Yellow Springs News Story about our Traveling Gum WallEwww! people say, but hey, it's been a GREAT fundraiser for the YS Arts Council so far, AND we have sponsors (thank you Toms Market, YS Chamber of Commerce, Town Drug & their distributor Miami-Luken), AND a right lark. 
Yep! WE like to have fun in our Town.

Yarny Love
Just visiting the new B&B in town is a treat in itself, BUT add to that a fab Huichol Exhibit. VERY inspiring.

 Fransisco Loza and Macario Carrillo

I haven't taken the  Huichol (pronounced WEE-chol) workshop yet, but already I've started by gluing yarn, but to a heart shaped stone. LOL! Can't seem to help meself ;)

Art Park 

Well ta ra for now
 Have a super weekend everyone.

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