Planking in Yellow Springs

Just in case you don't know  what planking is!  A rather strange fad :) and can be deadly. Jafapal Karen is a good sport indeed, battling ants for art.
copyright ©2011 Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka Jafabrit
All rights Reserved 


18_2.0 said…
omg. I know a photographer that does this on a regular basis as a way to get the students in his workshops to get out of their shell and have fun. This is great!!!!
JafaBrit's Art said…
That sounds like a much more useful reason, and a good one 18 2.0, thanks for dropping by.
Casey Klahn said…
Plank safely out there, gang.
JafaBrit's Art said…
won't see me planking, I can't get up off the floor once I am down, and it ain't from drinking ;)

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