Thursday, May 26, 2011

If I wasn't so obsessed

with painting, embroidery and street art I think I would go bonkers with this book Astounding Knits because the crochet and knitting is just phenomenal. 

Talking about obsessions, Liza Lou is often accused of that, but aren't we all one way or another when we have a passion for something.  Can't even let tendinitis stop us, right!

Meanwhile someone in my critique group asked me why I use the same images over and over again. I asked her if it's because she believes some might think I can't come up with something else?  She said, "yes". It's a fair question and to be honest before I got into art that thought had crossed my mind too. AH! but that was then, NOW I know. I love seeing how I can interpret the same image in different ways, and contexts and yes, I am obsessed.

and I stitch on.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gosh, C.B....
Pretty awesome and amazing, both these gals (Liza Lou and the gal who knits with hair.)
My eyeballs would fall out of my head if I tried either of those! ;-)
(But they're gorgeous to look at.)

Thanks for the always come up with the coolest 'schtuff.'