Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Life Gets You in a Knot

through no fault of your own, it's hard to settle down to quietude that allows one to steel themselves for new anguishes waiting in the wings.  I watched a movie, enjoyed looking at my knitted cup of coffee my dear jafapal nancy got me for my birthday and stiched as the rain pounded on the windows.

I wished all those who are hurting could sing in the rain, and have that glorious feeling.

Knitted Coffee Mug from Ohio Craft Museum
 How To Videos of Embroidery Stitches

copyright ©2011 Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka Jafabrit All rights Reserved


Kristine said...

Thank you for enlightening me on what happens to the yarn bombing when it is taken down. I did not know it was reused. But I was truly grateful for your genuine opinion on why the art is so great. I have seen so much controversy on yarnbombing and most people with a strong opinion one way or the other are not nice to those on the other side of their opinions.

I never thought of it from the artist perspective. Yes, a part of me would want to think of it as a waste, but if that is were your passion is then you're right. It's not a waste. You were gracious enough to help me to understand, so I thank you.

Ambassador Crochet

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cup!!!

and this....(we should all have a day like this once in a while!)

Have a fav weekend!