Thursday, January 20, 2011

Embroidery Challenges: Faces

it made me go WOW!

Look closely at the ash!
I like the deception.

I'm still working on parts for my panel and this one was a real bugger to do for several reasons. I printed a photo I had taken onto cotton rather than draw it since the image was so small and detailed.

Hand Embroidery & acrylic paint on the boots
 Tim smoking by the Knit Knot Tree
4"x 1 1/2"

My major problem was the face. I decided I couldn't use a single dmc embroidery floss because then it would be the same thickness as the hat and beard. So I had to go to the local thread store and pick up a very fine silk thread and ooooooooooh! it's awful to work with by hand.
The other problem was figuring out HOW to do the stitches on the face, yikes!  I'm still not too pleased with it, but I think it works and I'm NOT redoing it AGAIN.

comments have some excellent suggestions
No wonder I was challenged
 Tim's face is tiny in comparison to the one's in this website.
For a peek at some truly AMAZING  embroidery portraits visit Cayce Zavaglia's website, phew!!!!!! drooooooooool!

For a more contemporary twist visit the flickr portrait set by the inimitable Jenny Hart. Personally I feel Jenny has spearheaded and brought a whole new audience and appreciation to embroidery in the United States. If you are new to embroidery check out her online store,Sublime Stitching for starter kits, patterns, etc.

Mr.XStitch filled with oodles of work by needle artists from around the world.


Anonymous said...

Wow,'re FLYING!
I can't even believe how much you get you sleep? (just kidding...I'm waiting for the day the last kiddo is launched and my time is my own again. ;-)

Anyway, I came across this blog and thought of you...
Check out Nov. 23 and then the 18th. I could see you doing something like this!

Take care and thanks for always making my day (you and the jafagals)


t shirt printing said...

Wow, this stuff rocks! I'll be coming back for more. Thanks.