Friday, November 26, 2010


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  I got it into my head I wanted white lace curtains to match the white tree, and white faux fur cushions.  Well, err the local cheapo shops don't sell cheapo lace curtains anymore (too old fashioned I guess), and I couldn't find faux fur cushions anywhere except on uk sites that cost an arm and a leg. Amazon to the rescue and I ordered a yard of faux fur, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was so excited, and THEN I cut it and YIKES, I looked like a duck, covered with fluffy bits from head to toe, what  a MESS. Husband wouldn't let me leave the room until he had hoovered me. WARNING: when working with faux fur wear a hazmat suit and mask.  Oh! but it was all worth it and I got three lovely cuddly soft white cushions for the winter season.
Now just waiting for those lacy curtains to arrive and I'll be all set.

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