Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sun Shineth Upon Us

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I love how the shadow of the branch looks like a bird. I would like to think it a crow but it looks more like a jabiru, which seems fitting since their plumage is pure white.

We were supposed to have snow but instead it was hot. I actually got a bit sunburn on my neck as my Jafapal, Nancy, and I started our newest craft/yarnbombing graffiti in town.
Photograph included in the book Strick Graffiti

I am hoping it will look magical when the  snow is on the ground and the fairy lights are switched on.


deb said...

love it and the shadow is so perfect :)

Katie said...

Just found your wonderful blog tonight. This tree is looking mighty fine! I'll stop by more often.

tera said...

The tree is lovely! I never heard of that kind of bird before, but that is, indeed, what the shadow looks like! Thanks for learnin' me something new today! :)