Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sketchbook: sgraffito and quotes

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I was experimenting a little with sgraffito in preparation for a painting, plus I just enjoyed doing it.
oil on canvas

 It's painted over a copy of a rothko I'd done and I thought the portrait of my pal George would look cool with the colours peeking through.

I'm not really into the artsy fartsy gobbledegook art speak but I was struck by Ernst Gombrich's quote on page 78 in Art & Illusion. "Record a visual experience, not the faithful construction of a relational model". It had a huge impact on me because once I got past the technical skill of drawing relational models (what I saw) then I really had to think about the experience of what I was seeing and how to convey that.
This really came into play when I created this piece.

and I wanted to reduce fear to that singular moment of primal anguish, where nothing else exists except your scream.

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San said...

I believe you've reduced fear quite effectively. Rather than see your mouth as that of a screamer, I saw it as an animal of prey, ready to chomp. That works too.