Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not sure and really sure

Not sure I'm liking this embroidery so far. Nearly finished, BUT, hum!!!!! I enjoyed the process, like the stitches, love the colours and shapes, but to be honest as a whole it isn't doing much for me.  Something is missing, maybe I need to balance out the pink circle on the right, or add some text, OR maybe it is just boring.  The piece of wood at the top is a door knocker that it's supposed to hang from.
Will take it to my critique group.

Meanwhile I'm still playing with images of our jafagirl "snowflake tree".
check link for video of tree

I'm really sure I love the lacy spooky effect of the crochet and laced up pieces. Used adobe photoshop elements, filter, distort and then diffused glow.

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