Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Dreams are Telling Me Something

But First
Just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to my reception. It was a great comfort to see familiar faces and a joy to see some new one's.  As I said I'm usually nervous before a reception but once I got there I just didn't have time because I was yakking so much lol! Almost lost my voice. A special thanks to those who bought my work ♥
It was lovely to meet again one of my regular blog readers Louise, who frequently sends me some cool links. Here is a recent one from BibliOdyssey  about these fabulous Day of the Dead papercuts.
How lovely to find this fine Sunday morning my fave bloggy pal and crafter extraordinaire margot potter, who as guest curator, included me in CRESCENDOh online magazine. Happy to discover the website too. I really liked Margot's commentary about Fitting In Through Art. "even in the darkest moments the creative force is like a beacon" and how true. While I don't use art as therapy, it is lovely to have it as a way to express things that concern me.
Such as the time my son got shot in the eye accidently with a plastic pellet.  I call this embroidery Lead Belly and it's based on a painting I did at the time in my sketchbook.

Several visitors to my exhibit wondered if there was any machine stitching in any of the work and the answer is no, it's all done by hand.

Now about those dreams
For several weeks I have had my FAVE house dreams. These are houses filled with bits & bobs and junk and I rummage with gay abandon. Last night I dreamed of a room with a HUGE table cluttered with leather articulated hands, large concrete noses, etc. I was fascinated by the hands and woke up thinking, YES! I know what I have to do.

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