Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soothing Sounds in the Studio

This is what I heard last night

Some people get down when it rains, NOT ME!
I love the feeling of being cocooned in the studio, drinking my cups of tea, and working on my art with the gentle sound of rain in the background.
Of course it aint' so fun having to go out and stand at the busstop, or do errands and you start to feel like a drowned rat. BUT that's another story.

"Wee Beastie"

print of sketchbook page on cotton, embellished with embroidery & acrylic paint

Hum! photo looks a little washed out, but you get the idea.  I was stressed having to think about making a frame for it but  lucked out big time when I found this frame in my garage cuboard.  I had made it a few years ago for some other project that never got finished.
It was meant to be, meant to be!

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William Evertson said...

finally hearing rain here in the first time in weeks!! I know what you mean about studio time with the rain falling outside; something just seems so still that you can't help but get into the work. I like the Wee Beastie.