Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art and Food

Hiay, thanks for dropping in jafabrit's art
 Hhope you enjoy your visit.

I thought I would try  a cutout version of my skull and moth photograph and then enhance the colours. When I have time (too many other projects to work on at the moment)  I want to do a LARGE painting of this.


Bombay Chicken Curry

This is one of many of my favourite curry recipes. Can't tell you where I got the recipe, but judging by the use of the word bhoona/bhuna I'm guessing an Indian Recipe book I used in England many moons ago.

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Ansie said...

Oh! I love what you did with the moth and skull!
I am not usually a skull person, but your way of dealing with the subject really appeal to me. I love your Freda Khalo skull embroidery too...