Painted Utility Poles

From a distance I thought the pole might have knit graffiti on it, but it was one of MANY poles in the area that was painted exactly the same way. I was told it was to help drivers, and I can tell you it certainly did on the small roads with no lighting and lots of foilage. I also just liked seeing these colourful poles.  Love the mini mural too.

I love the idea of painted utility poles, and have toyed with the idea of doing one for a while now. Pine Island Chamber of Commerce sponsored a pole painting contest. BUT, wow, check out these poles in Whitefield Maine, they are fabulous, Kudos to Natasha Mayers.  

Surprise Package

I got a parcel with two packs of YUMMY Biscotti from Imperial Cookies, know not who sent them, but I suspect and am saying THANK YOU. The biz/postcard photograph is by Gale Zucker who spent a day here photographing the Jafagirls, so there must be some connection.


Bill Evertson said…
Those poles are a great idea. It's strange how we just let something utilitarian and a bit ugly just fade into the background of our consciousness when they could have art on them!
Ellen Bloom said…
I received Imperial Cookies from Gale too this weekend! Aren't they delicious? Gale photographed my crochet work for her upcoming book!!!