Scanned Flowers, Gobble Head and Knit Graff Ad

I've been having fun scanning flowers and I'm LOVING the effect.
Scanning Flowers seems to be quite popular
Judy Stalus has a lovely set on flickr
Katinka Matson's are reminicent of Dutch Flower Painting during the late 1600's.


Been sewing flowers

"gobble head"
Satin Stitch, Cretan Stitch (video tutorial), long & short

This will be incorporated into a larger piece. The flower is a drawing  based on a glass sculpture I saw in a magazine and collaged in my sketchbook.

Knit Graffiti used in Adverts Now


Ryan said…
Great blog- you are very talented!
JafaBrit's Art said…
Thanks Ryan, and thanks for dropping by.
Colette Amelia said…
Wow! I want to try that scanning! What a source of everything you are!