Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sewing with the Ants & Inspiration

Some embroider quietly, some with music but I often like listening to bbc radio documentaries/plays or watching a movie. On  my birthday spent late afternoon sewing to a cheesy horror movie. What a groaner!
I also covered a larger ball with red yarn for the  yarnbomed/craftbombed tree (inspired by one Bejing Arts Distric in China) in Kings Yard in Yellow Springs.

"Queen of Hearts"
Check out The Eccentric Lady's Blog post about Yellow Springs and Flower Power, beautiful photography and a lovely shout out for the jafagirls. and Yellow Springs.

Just as lot's of things inspire me, I forget that I may inspire others.
Thank you Ansie, and Happy 1st Blog Anniversary.

Issues relating to Inspiration
Art is not about Talent
I would say it is a passion, a propensity(talent) in a given area and LOTS of dedication.
Artistic Inspiration
Big mistake to wait to be inspired.

Unvarnished Truth
There will always be someone BETTER than you BUT then there will always be someone worse than you. So stop comparing your work with others, it's a waste of time.

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